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Jenna Zwagil is currently the No.1 female top earner in the industry alongside her husband Josh Zwagil, CEO & Founder of MyDailyChoice.she founded hempworx and built a massive team as a distributor after it was merged with MyDailyChoice in 2017. She is a mother of 3 resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Early Life

In early life, her mom nearly lost hope for her daughter after she got fired from her ‘good job’ with benefits at the cable company she worked at for 8 months. It is her longest-held job. She did have in a couple of years and she was a single mom to a two-year-old and was freshly divorced from an E-3 Marine who wasn’t making enough to cover child support on most months. She was the sole provider and yet took so many risks early on in her life because she never felt belonged anywhere. Every new career was a disappointment:

  • She tried hair school.
  • Medical assisting school.
  • Nursing school.
  • Online school.
  • Phone sales.
  • Pizza delivery driver.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Car sales etc.

Pretty much everything she tried and hated, she either quit or fired because in every scene she was not in control of her destiny. But she knows that her life was meant for something great. Deep down she knows she had a lot to offer and because she had so many different experiences she could relate to all kinds of people and she enters the network marketing world.


At first, she sucked it. Her sales skills did translate but her people and relationship skills were underdeveloped. network marketing wouldn’t award her success until she took personal development seriously though and that’s the catch if there ever were one. For that she forever grateful. Reaching success was more about the person she became when the impossible became possible.


Few years ago, she drove to Vegas from Baltimore with nothing but my personal belongings and a small shred of hope. She didn’t know where they end up or what they become along the way, she only knew it was a journey they are meant to take. And now she considered one of the most successful women in network marketing. She wouldn’t be here without josh zwagil, he believed in her when she didn’t . he cheered me on when she wouldn’t and woke me up from the unconscious life she had been living+ he delivered on every promise he made when he said it would all work out.

Jenna Zwagil said: Sometimes you have to borrow belief from someone who can see your greatness before you can. When it’s hard to believe that you’re capable of conquering it all.

One person can change your reality. Become that person and watch the ripple effect of positive change in the world.


Q- How old is jenna Zwagil ?

A- 34 years old.

Q- where jenna Zwagil was grew up ?

A- she grew up in upland California and Phelan California split between two homes.

Q- How many child she have ?

A- she had 4 child .

Q- what is hew annual income ?

A- estimately $12,720,000.

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