how to get google adsense approval fast

how to get google adsense approval fast

Adsense Approval 2021

I’ve received so many emails about Adsense approval since I started this blog, I’ve decided to finally just write a post about it.

how to get adsense approval on wordpress

First You Need To Follow 5 steps to Get Adsense Approval in 2021

i am not talking about old method for Adsense Approval fast already available old method on internet and youtube

Today i am talking about New Method for Adsense Approval fast in 2021 i am 100% sure if you follow this step you will get Adsense Approval fast for your blogging website

1 – Steps

You Need a Mobile Friendly Website ( Responsive Website ) Today 90% User Are Come From Mobile So google Recommend Responsive Website For Adsense Approval in 2021 , if You using WordPress As My suggest Use WP Ocean Theme its a free theme and free SEO Frindly Theme for WordPress .

2 – Steps

Install AMP  (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in Your WordPress Website . Google Recently declared Those Website Are Use AMP fare more 70% increase For Google Adsense Approval in 2021

. so install now AMP .

3 – Steps

Most Of the New Blogger Who have to apply Google Adsense apply in 2021 those submit website in Google Adsense But not update daily today 2021 google manually check every website for google adsense approval in 2021 .So you need to very important when you submit your website on google adsense you have to daily update your website .

4 – Steps

Most Of the Blogger Not Index Site . when Your Website fully complete first you have to index your site map on Google Search Console ( webmaster ) .how to generate sitemap wordpress i am using to generate sitemap wordpress yoast seo plugin to generate sitemap wordpress .

5 – Steps

As a beginning level you have to write unique article minimum 700+ Words to get Google Adsense Approval in 2021 .

Follow this 5 steps 100% sure you will Google adsense Approval in 2021

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